Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hiking Adventures #49: Bakun Trio - 11th Open Climb 2017

This is my third visit in the beautiful town of Bakun. I don't know the exact reason why I keep on coming back.

My third visit went well. I did the complete the Bakun Trio just like the first time I visited the town. I invited my officemate, Jess Bryan Javier that's why I tend to complete the trio to accompany him for his first visit.

Here's some of the snaps during our climb.

Day 1 - Mt. Lobo (Mt. Patullok)

Jess Bryan Javier

Since we arrived early at the Old Municipal Hall, we decided to take a quick visit in Tekip Falls which is just a 15-minute trek only.

Day 2 - Mt. Tenglawan

Day 3 - Mt. Kabunian

If you're looking for the logistics for visiting Bakun. Please see my first blog post about Bakun.

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