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Hiking Adventures #47: Mt. Ugo Traverse - 5th Open Climb 2017

Two years after my first ascend in Mt. Ugo, I went back again and personally dubbed this climb as my "Revenge Climb".

When I first climb Ugo, I was diagnosed from a knee injury after running 32KM. I skipped running regularly for my knee to heal, and so I wasn't able to train for the climb. During the assault, I was slow and struggling to keep my pace, then I felt pain in my left knee. Aldrin, my hiking buddy volunteered to carry my bag and let me carry his lightweight pack. Now, I'm more determined to bring my full pack up to Ugo's peak.

We were composed of 64 individuals. This is the largest group I've ever joined so far. The Team Leader for this climb is also Aldrin and he appointed me as the second TL since we have a larger group.

We started from the school (I forgot the name of the school) and we gathered there for quick briefing. I volunteered as lead because I felt like I will be in the Mid after hours of hiking. We started around 9:00AM and our target was to finish the climb after 8 hours.

The trail from school compared to the one that starts in Kayapa Market is much easier though it has many bushes. The trail also is not steep compared to the other one, so I guess the jump-off point from school is the way to go. After 2 hours, we reached the first village which is the Indupit Village.

After Indiput Village, I can't remember what happened next (I am writing this line 12/22/2018). What I can remember is we reached the summit within 8 hours and I was able to surpass my previous record in Mt. Ugo.

On the summit, we cooked for dinner and dined with my meal groupmates. After that, we rested and I prepared for the induction rites and I am not allowed to give some details about so I pause from here.

Day 2

On Day 2, it was a nice morning to me and I realized that I was already an inducted member. There was still  no Sea Of Clouds on my second visit but it's fine because the weather is nice and cozy. I like the ambiance. So after having our dinner we had lunch and started to descent.

Descending is a bit faster compared to my first climb and because of that I am happy to finally got my revenge. I realized that you get better when you're consistently climbing and it applies also to life.

Mt. Ugo Traverse 
September 9-10, 2017

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