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Hiking Adventures #42: Tarak Ridge Dayhike

My first major climb I did was Tarak Ridge last June of 2015. It was considered major in, however for some, it was only a minor climb. We stayed overnight there and it was fun. After almost 2 years, someone invited me to climb Tarak again for a dayhike.

We were only six in the group. I can't remember their names aside from my friend Ysa Navidad. Ysa and I met in Mt. Napulauan last August of 2016. She brought some of her guy friends that she met in the mountains also.

Our meeting place was in Genesis Bus Terminal in Cubao. We departed at around 5:00AM going to the jump-off in Mariveles, Bataan. Mt. Tarak is one of the very accessible mountains because it's only a bus ride from Manila.

We arrived in Mariveles at around 09:00AM. The weather was very hot since it was already summer. After having a quick breakfast, we started to trek. We didn't get a guide since I can remember some parts of the trail.

After 30 minutes, we reached the house of Nanay Cording. We donated and logged our names in a logbook. While walking through the trails, the memories had been flash backed of my first time in Tarak. I had a hard time back then and I was walking slow carrying my trusty tallpack. But now, I easily passed through some assault parts and I was enjoying it. Maybe it helped that I was only carrying a small pack compared the last time. But I think I just got better since I got too active in climbing.

After 2 hours, we reached Papaya River. We ate our packed lunch there and stayed for awhile. We started to trek again going to the ridge after 1 hour rest. After 2 hours, we reached the ridge and took pictures immediately. I decided not to join them when they assaulted the summit so I waited at the ridge. After an hour, they were not returning yet. I was worried that we might not catch the bus going to Manila. So I assaulted to the summit as fast as I can. Then I met them halfway to the summit and told them that we were not be able catch the bus if we failed to arrive in the jump-off before 6:00PM.

We went down as fast as we can but we reached Nanay Cording's house around 5:45PM. We spent for more or less 15 minutes to rest. Then we reached the jump-off by 6:30PM and we tidied up. We left Brgy. Alas-asin at around 7:30PM. There were no more bus passing so we rode a bus going to Balanga, Bataan for 30 minutes because there were bus stations. The fare is around P80 - P100. However, when we went to the bus station, the next trip was 2:00AM. Crap!

Before we find another way going home, we went to the nearby McDo for dinner. After that, some tricycle drivers were telling us the only way for us to get home is a tricycle ride going to Layac in Dinalupihan where buses from Zambales is passing. We all agreed to the suggestion so we rode a tricycle going to Layac instead of waiting for 2:00AM trip. It took almost an hour of travel going to Layac. It was a bumpy ride indeed. They charged us around P70 - P90 pesos, can't remember the exact amount.

It's true that there were buses passing in Layac. However, buses were fully loaded. So we waited for another hour or two when we finally able to get in the bus. But, there were no more seats available so we sit in the isle. The floor was a little bit hot because of the engine, so from time to time I stood up. It was around 2:00AM when I got home.

It was an epic experience. It tested my patience as a traveler/adventure. I don't care lying anywhere and getting dirt. It was always charge to experience.

So my advice for all climbers doing a dayhike in Tarak, be mindful of the itinerary. If you're doing an open itinerary climb, it's better if you have private transportation.

Tarak Ridge
April 10, 2017

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