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Hiking Adventures #38: Mt. Daguldol - First Minor Training Climb for MMS-BMC 2017

Part of the curriculum of Metropolitan Mountaineering Society's BMC are climbing 4 mountains, 2 minor climbs and 2 major climbs. After the BMC Proper which happened last January 21, 2017, next is the 1st Minor Training Climb. This was not just an ordinary climb, we had a cookfest on the campsite.

Mt. Daguldol Campsite
Mt. Daguldol Campsite

Day 1

Meet-up place was in ALPS Terminal in Cubao, QC. We departed from terminal going to San Juan, Batangas around 5:00AM. We were a bit late because the bus stayed for an hour in the terminal loading for more passengers.

We reached San Juan Town Proper at around 10:00AM. We had our lunch there while for the jeepneys to pick us up. From Town Proper, we went to the jump-off and it took around 45 minutes before we reach it.

MMS always had their first minor training climb in Mt. Daguldol because of its wide campsite. We needed a large campsite since we're going to have our cookfest. I was part of the group that will cook Cebuano dishes. We're going to cook Pork Belly Lechong Kawali as our main dish, Utan Bisaya as our soup, Garlic Bread with Danggit Flakes as our Appetizer and Dried Mangoes with Hazelnut as our Dessert. 

It was a sunny weather and we started around 12:00PM. Since we're going to cook a lot, we have to carry more loads. I had to carry an extra pouch because my bag was already full and it made a little bit harder to climb. Daguldol is known for having a muddy trail. The first half of the trail was not muddy but as we head near the campsite, it was getting worse. It took 4 hours before we reach the summit campsite and we were the only group. 


Mt. Daguldol
Apple and Neth

After we pitched are tents, we were asked to prepare for the cookfest. They gave us 2 hours to cook all the dishes and present it to the members. My teammates were Jo Lastra, Neth Pecson and Apple Kalalo. Jo and I were assigned to cook the Main Dish and Soup while Neth and Apple for Dessert. 

Team Cebu's Camp

Mt. Daguldol

MMS Cookfest 2017

We finished all the dishes after 2 hours. We present it in the front of Neth's tent and people started to taste our dishes. Our main dish is simple, but it could've been very nice if we can carry an oven in the mountain. Hahaha! However, the members have enjoyed our food especially the Dessert, they really like it.

What I looked forward on this activity was the chance of making myself confident on cooking in the mountains. From the past 3 years, I haven't been able to setup the burner on my own, it was always my groupmates. 

Day 2

I was suddenly awakened around 4AM. The sky is very clear and there were many stars. Hoping that I could see shooting stars, I stared above the sky and after a moment I saw a shooting star. I heard Miki and Omar, my batchmates were seems to be awake so I told them about what I saw. 

Then I went inside my tent again and tried to sleep again for few minutes. Then when I got awake went outside again, I was greeted by stunning sunrise.

Sunrise in Mt. Daguldol


We started to descend around 8:00AM. Before we descend, the trainees forced to check all the entire campsite for some trash as we practice Leave No Trace. We had an easy descend, at least for me. Although it was still muddy, everyone managed to descend safe and sound.

We went straight to the cottages near the seashore of Laiya Beach to tidy up and have our post-climb. The training committee announces the winner of the Cookfest. The winning team is the Davao team which is headed by Atty. JP Cunada. Our team won the Best Dessert.Yay!

Mt. Daguldol
February 4-5, 2017
Brgy. Hugom, San Juan, Batangas
Difficulty: 3/9

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