Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hiking Adventures #35: Mt. Maculot Rockies 2016

This was my 3rd time in Mt. Maculot and this seems to be a yearly Maculot climb. I was with my Deltek friends plus some guests and our itinerary is the usual for a day hike.

Most of the participants in this climb was coming from the HR Team. No one from my teammates  were able to join. However, joining on this climb was Odie Oael who belongs from the other team. He was a passionate man who do mountaineering and volunteering aside from his work. I met him from an outreach activity in KidZania. He already conquered the mountains that I wanted to climb soon like the Everest Base Camp, Kota Kinabalu and our own Mts. Dulang-Dulang and Kitanglad (D2K). Now he's targeting to climb Mt. Mantalinjangan in South Palawan this 2017 and Mont Blanc in Europe in 2018.

Odie and me eating Churros

(L-R) - Elaine, Kat, Cindy, Zid, Maggie, Steven and Mayel

Also joining the group is Helen Seriosa, the bestfriend of HR Team's Katrina Cayetano. This was her 2nd climb after her Mt. Gulugod Baboy climb a year ago. At first, she was worried because she was a chubby-cutie. However, we encouraged her to continue and conquer the mountain. Few minutes after we started to ascend, she already got exhausted. Good thing, my guest Ana brought her trekking poles and she let Helen use it. Helen said it gave more ease and eventually, she made it to the Rockies.

Helen and Kat

We also have Zid De Sagun who is also from HR Team and this was her first climb. We invited her on our previous climbs but she always refuse, but gladly she finally decided to join. She was very active and energetic. She obviously enjoyed the climb.

As usual, Mt. Maculot was crowded and we have to wait for other groups who are taking photos on Rockies' best spots.

After our climb, we went to Corcolon Lomi Haus to let my officemates try one of San Jose's best Lomi.

Mt. Maculot 
Cuenca, Batangas
December 12, 2016

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