Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Project Give Back: Abbie's Birthday and BorderlessPH's First Outreach Program

As you know, mountain climbing is an extreme outdoor activity. But there are a lot of people who are interested to this activity because it was fun and fulfilling, especially nowadays. You'll enjoy the lack of noise, the touch of nature and the camaraderie without thinking the danger it may bring. However, there are people who work to ensure the safety of each individual while savoring the good tidings in the mountains. These are the Guides. With the initiative of my hiking buddy Abbie Giron, she decided to spend her birthday on Sitio Madlum, San Miguel, Bulacan and do an outreach program to give back to the guides and give a simple treat as Pre-Christmas celebration.

I really like the idea. The plan is to give school bags for each Guide's children that worth P120. We from BorderlessPH asked some of our friends to sponsor a school bag.

While approaching Sitio Madlum,  I can see the kids from afar and they're all excited and so do I. We started a little bit late but it was still fine. First we feed them so they would have more energy once the program starts.

And then the program gets started. First we ran the mini fun games for kids and I was the host (Yes! Host). It was my first hosting stint and it was really fun. I enjoyed entertaining kids and it gave so much joy to see them participating.

Playing stop dance

Gift giving to the kids and to the guides of Sitio Madlum.

Follow your dreams, little boy!

Kids' parents or the guides were very thankful to us especially to the birthday girl, Abbie and to her family. It's really awesome to give joy to these people and give back to all the blessings we had, and shout out to Abbie for making this happened. You know we've conquered many summits already and I've seen how huge your heart is. You're awesome! More birthdays and blessings to come and mountains to conquer!

I hope our group would have more of this in years to come. I also hope that other groups would do the same and the world would always be a better place.

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