Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hiking Adventures #17: Mt. Hapunang Banoi Dayhike - Rock Scrambling to the Next Level

As preparation for the upcoming major climbs, we looked for a mountain to train. I've chosen Mt. Hapunang Banoi and the next level rock scrambling begins.

 After my first twin day hike last March 2015 in Mts. Pamitinan and Binacayan last March 2015, I finally got the chance to climb Mt. Hapunang Banoi which is not yet open on that time. According to our guide, Banoi is the tagalog word for Eagle, and the mountain was called Hapunang Banoi because the eagles come there to dine.

The jump-off is also in Brgy. Wawa. We departed at Cubao around 6AM, and after 2 hours we reached the jump-off. When we got there, Me and my hiking buddy, Aldrin decided to take a quick hike in Mt. Pamitinan while waiting for our friend Pluto who woke up late.

Our ascent took only more or less 1 hour and 30 minutes. I got the chance to remake my photo in Peak 2 of Mt. Pamitinan which turned out to be the highlight of the mountain.

Before we leave Peak 2, we saw children accompanied by their parents and they're really so good to see in the mountains. I hope someday I could bring my kids in the mountains and share its good tidings.

We stayed at the junction while waiting for our friend who was on his way up. While taking our lunch, we spotted an actress along the junction, it was Ryza Cenon and as usual I was starstruck.

At 1 o'clock in the afternoon, we started our ascent to Mt. Hapunang Banoi. First it was a little bit easy but when we reached the Peak 1, the struggle begins.

Peak 1

Mts. Pamitinan and Binacayan plus the Wawa River

You really have to deal with a lot of sharp limestones in order to reach the top. I really had a hard time scaling Hapunang Banoi. I don't know, maybe I was quite tired plus dealing with the scorching weather.

Few meters away from the summit, there's certain part of the trail wherein I thought it was already my endpoint and give up. Because we have to lift on a rock with a big gap. I can vividly remember the fear, but through the help of our guide, I was able to lift myself and continue the trek. Conquered a fear once again, and I'm proud of it.

Special Note

Last January 30, 2016, we climbed Mt. Ayaas from Brgy. Mascap. According to the Tourism officers, Mt. Hapunang Banoi is also accessible in the Barangay which gives more exciting views and challenging trails. 

Mt. Hapunang Banoi (571+)
October 24, 2015
Jump-off: Brgy. Wawa, Montalban, Rizal
Difficulty: 3/9

Expenses and Transportation: 

Registration Fee: P2.00
Guide Fee: P400.00

FX from Cubao to Eastwood, Montalban: P50.00
Tricycle from Eastwood to Brgy. Wawa (Jump-off): P30.00

Note: Hapunang Banoi's jump-off is also in Mts. Pamitinan and Binacayan's jump-off. But can also be access in Brgy. Mascap.

Estimated Budget: P500 to P600

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