Monday, October 5, 2015

Hiking Adventures #16: Mt. Sipit Ulang Dayhike Plus Sidetrip to Payaran Falls

Few months ago, more mountains in Rizal Province had opened. One of them captured my attention and I promised to myself to climb it first before the others, that mountain is Mt. Sipit Ulang.

Mt. Sipit Ulang

Mt. Sipit Ulang (or Crab's Claw) is located at Brgy. Mascap, Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal. Its difficulty is rated 3/9 with an elevation of 245 MASL. The highlights of this mountain is the rock formation atop the summit that looks like a crab's claw where you can see a 360 degree view of some Sierra Madre mountains. Aside from the summit, the trail is quite challenging. You need to pass narrow trails, small caves and boulders en route.


Our meeting place was in the FX terminal going to Rodriguez, Rizal which is located along Aurora Blvd. beside Farmers Mall. If your group will compose of 7 to 10 persons, you may consider to rent the FX going to Brgy. Mascap, and it may cost P600 to P800.

In case you're going to commute, tell the driver to drop you off in Eastwood, Rodriguez, Rizal, the fare is P50 per head. Then in Eastwood, ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Mascap. The fare should be P150 per ride only. In our case, we were abused by the drivers along with the other group. They charged us P250, but according to the tourist coordinators, it should be P150 only. So in case they demand for more than P150, seek for the help of tourist coordinators then complain. 

Brgy. Hall of Mascap
Brgy. Hall of Mascap

Proceed to the registration area, register and listen on a short briefing. You will going to accomplish a waver for the group and pay P50 as Environmental Fee. Then secure for a guide. 

It's better to start as earlier as possible but there should be a daylight. In the initial part of the trail, there will be a mini river crossing. The trail was too muddy during our climb, please take extra care while hiking up during rainy season, specially on the small caves and boulders that you need to pass.

Passing small caves as part of the trail

Bamboo Bridge

As mentioned during the briefing, one of Mascap's tourist attraction is the Great Wall of Mascap which is mainly part of the trail.

Great Wall of Mascap
Great Wall of Mascap
Another activity along the trail is climbing on an improvised bamboo stairs. I think this is one of the highlights of Mt. Sipit Ulang Adventure.

Climbing on an improvised bamboo stairs

A Rock formation halfway through summit
Small cave as part of the trail
 Small cave as part of the trail
Group Shot at Sipit Ulang Rock Formation

Group shot at Mt. Sipit Ulang Summit
Group shot at Mt. Sipit Ulang Summit
The view of Mts. Hapunang Banoi, Pamitinan and Binacayan is quite spectacular. I hope I can do a Pentaclimb on that 3 mountains, plus Ayaas and Sipit Ulang.

Mts. Hapunang Banoi, Pamitinan and Binacayan as seen from the background
One of the narrow trail during our descent

After half of an hour stay at the summit, we started to descent on a different trail. The trail is quite easy, no more passing on caves and improvised bamboos. We only spent 1 and 1/2 hours going down. We got to an eatery and had our lunch and prepare for our next stop, the Payaran Falls.

River Crossing as we head to Payaran Falls


Payaran Falls is a seven-layered waterfall and yet another tourist attractions in Brgy. Mascap. It's truly an awesome adventure hiking with this waterfall one layer at a time. I believe many hikers will visit this waterfall soon. 

1st layer of Payaran Falls
1st layer of Payaran Falls
Payaran Falls

Payaran Falls

This is my favorite part of Payaran Falls
This is my favorite part of Payaran Falls

7th layer of Payaran Falls
7th layer of Payaran Falls
Group shot at Payaran Falls
Group shot at Payaran Falls

Brgy. Mascap has a lot to offer. Really great for a challenging yet awesome adventure. So come and visit.

I would like to thank the 2 girls who shared their time for this adventure and enjoyed passing different obstacles on the trail, Jane Calipay and Cinderela Enriquez. See you next adventure.

Mt. Sipit Ulang (+252)
September 20, 2015
Jump-off point: Brgy. Mascap, Rodriguez, Rizal
Difficulty: 3/9


04:30    Meet-up in Jollibee Aurora Blvd.
05:00    ETD Cubao
06:00    ETA Eastwood. Ride a tricycle
06:30    ETA Brgy. Mascap. Register. Secure Guide. Prepare.
07:00    Start trek to Mt. Sipit Ulang via Paniki trail.
10:15    ETA Mt. Sipit Ulang Summit. Explore.
10:45    Start descent
12:00    ETA in a Eatery. Lunch.
12:30    Trek to Payaran Falls
02:00    ETA Payaran falls. Explore.
02:30    Back to jump-off
04:00    ETD Jump-off. Tidy up
05:00    Logout in Registration area. Back to Manila


FX: P50/head (Cubao to Eastwood)Tricycle: P150 (Eastwood to Brgy. Mascap) *Note: As I said awhile ago, please complain if the drivers is charging you more that P150. 
Guide: P400 / group
Environmental Fee: P50/head



Sorry I forgot to get their names, but it was given by the tourist coordinators. :)

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  1. Hi sir do we need to contact any people there before going? Thanks

    1. No need. But much better if you contact them before the climb.