Thursday, August 20, 2015

World Vision Run 2014 - My First Half Marathon

Last April 2014, I was dreaming about joining on a major race for the first time, and I was thinking to run 10km distance. But first I should check out what running event should I participate. So I visited where there are list of sporting events like running, biking, etc. I went to the running section and I chose World Vision Run 2014. But I was surprised when I got a feeling that I can run the half marathon distance. On the registration booth, I wrote my name and other details, and select 21km as my chosen distance.

World Vision Run Singlet and Race Bib

I've trained so hard for my first half marathon. I ran 3 days a week in Ayala Triangle and every time I went back home in Batangas, I ran on Sunday morning. It's been only 5 months since I started running, that's why I used to think that I can't able to reach the finish line. But some of my friends gave me the courage that I can make it to the finish line.


After all the training sessions that I been through, here we go, it's race day. I woke up 2am in the morning, have my breakfast and fixed myself. My father and my brother shown their support. They accompanied me on my race but I need to treat them after. :D

I'm ready for my First Half Mary

When we arrived in the venue, there are only 1 hour left before the gun start. So I immediately warmed-up and stretched my legs and rehydrate. I've seen many celebrities like Kuya Kim Atienza who also joined the 21km run. And then the race got started. I used my iPod Shuffle and listen to my playlist. I believe it can add additional endurance and to utilize run mind over body technique. At the beginning, I've ran fast to surpass all the runners that are slower than me. I've got beyond Kuya Kim Atienza, which is an experienced runner with his companion, and it made me realized that I can beat them pala. But suddenly, I got tired and it slowed my pace, then Kuya Kim and friends surpassed over me, and now it made me realized that I can't beat them, they are experts. ;))

I ran 12km when I started to felt that my legs are screaming, but I ignored it and continued running. The pain became harder, so I stopped and rested while walking. I told myself "that's okay, it's your first time. You don't have to get faster.". So I ran again with slow pace, and when I reached the 17km mark, I stopped again. This time I rested for long period of time, and there was something on my mind telling that I can't make it to the finish line.

But No! I shouldn't think of that, because I was only 4 kilometers away from the finish line. So I continued the series of running with walk breaks until I saw the finish line with time of 2:08. So I ran so fast until I reach the finish line.

When I reached the finish line

Got my first 21km finisher medal

I completed my first 21km race at 02:08:12. It's not really bad for the first time. It worth's all the training sessions that I've been through. I hope on my next half marathon I can finish the 21km race in less than 2 hours (SUB-2)

Breakfast with my brother

with my father

The Fruit

Event Name: World Vision Run 2014
Venue: Bonifacio Global City
Distance: 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K
21KM Registration Fee: P950

Photos by: Keith Esguerra

Race Results:

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