Thursday, August 20, 2015

Running: Sofitel Manila Half Marathon 2014

Sofitel Manila Half Marathon 2014 was the painful 21km run for me. I had side stitches in the middle of the run and my legs are screaming. I was worried for my calves because it seems like it would cramped anytime. But still, I finished my 2nd half marathon though I had many series of walks on the remaining 5 kilometers of the race. 


I had a lot of training sessions for the race. More of just running non-stop to develop my endurance and series of fartlek to develop my speed. I always stretch my muscles before and sometimes after the running sessions. My target is to finish the race in less than 2 hours - Sub 2.

The night before the run, I ate plenty of carbs for me to have more energy source. I decided not to take an easy run, I just rest myself for the big day. I bought Gatorade for my hydration and bread for my breakfast.

Training session at Phils Sports Arena (Ultra)
Training session at Phils Sports Arena (Ultra)


I had good enough sleep though it was only 6 hours. I decided to cook rice and hotdog as my breakfast, because I thought it would give me more energy during the run so I can finish strong. My father accompanied me on the event. My brother was too sleepy that's why he can't join us. We arrived at the MOA an hour before the run and I warmed-up immediately. 

And the race got started. I told myself to relax in the initial part. But I can't help to run faster when someone ran fast over me. When I reached the half way mark of the race without any stop, I was surprised on myself and I'm confident that I can finish the race in less than 2 hours. When I reached the 16 kilometer mark and there was only 30 minutes before 2 hours, I had side stitches. It was very painful and I can't help it, so I stopped. I refilled myself at the water station before I continue. After a kilometer run, my calves are screaming, it seems like it would cramped. Damn! So I stopped again, then ran, and stopped again until I reached the finish line. It really sucks. 

I don't know what's wrong in me. I trained harder than before, but I think it's not good enough. I thought of joining on a running club for me to enhance my running and to learn more. But I don't want to leave my running buddies behind, I want to run with them. Maybe, I should explore more in running, try more core exercises and train harder.

At the finish line
At the finish line

After the Run

With Coach Rio De la Cruz
With Coach Rio De la Cruz

Venue: SM Mall of Asia

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