Thursday, August 20, 2015

Running: Run United Philippine Marathon (RUPM) 2014 - A Strong Half-Marathon Finish

I really enjoy long runs that builds my endurance and make me more stronger. I changed my training routines for this event to see what effect would it bring to my performance. I added a lot of core exercises including push ups and planking because my target was to finish strong regardless of time.

Run United Philippine Marathon


RUPM is the last leg of Run United Trilogy and this was my first time to run in Run United. I wasn't able to join the first 2 legs (RU1 and RU2) because at that time I had a feeling that I can't run for half marathon. Run United was one of the most anticipated running event here in the Philippines. 

For me to have a strong finish, I put my core exercises into much higher level because according to my research, core exercises would make you more stronger during runs. I don't have any changes on my eating. I trained in Ultra and Capitol Commons.


On race day, I just ate a light breakfast. And my brother and father accompanied me for this event. As the race starts, I run on my normal pace and over take some runners and look for a not crowded area. I was really surprise on my performance, there are no pains on my stomach and on my legs. Near the finish line, I was feeling strong and I know I can still go further without stopping. So that run became the most stronger finish to date.

At the Finish Line with my Finisher Medal

With my Father, my #1 supporter

Breakfast/Recovery with my Brother
RUPM 2014 Finisher Shirt

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