Thursday, August 20, 2015

Run United Trilogy 2015 - First Leg of RU

One of my goals this 2015 is to finish a progressive Run United Trilogy. It starts with 21km run at the first leg, next is 32km and the last is the full marathon, 42km. This is a big challenge for me as a runner since I am going to exceed on distance. However, as an aspiring runner, I have to level up every step of the way and Run United Trilogy is the best way to make that happen. So I joined in for the first leg of RU1.

Run United 1 was held last March 17, 2014 at SM Mall of Asia. There are thousands of people joined in this most anticipating running event in the Philippines. Many runners expressed there overflowing excitement for this run especially those first timers. But before this event, I had struggled on registering for this event. Not just me but also the other runners. 

I registered on the first day of registration at Toby's Shangri-la Mall at Shaw Blvd. The registration will start at 12NN so I came in advance for me to came back at office early. But I was so shocked when the line was already long. I waited patiently for 3 hours until I got my racekits and successfully registered. I was like wow, just to run I stand and wait for 3 hours, just wow! it just proved my passion.


I woke up at around 2.00am. I prepared my breakfast then eat. I ate hotdog with rice heavy. It's a bad habit to eat a lot before the race but I didn't know why I ate so much. My father accompanied me for this race. This was my 4th time of running 21km and my 4th time that my father is present to support me.

Kuya Jay with me before the Race

When we arrived at SM Mall of Asia, I have seen a lot of runners around the place and it made me feel so excited. I didn't warm up myself well I've just done few stretching and I am done.  I joined the lane of 2nd wave of runners, my target is to join the race pacer like Mr. Rolly Pangilinan but I wasn't because I was on 2nd wave.

I started at my normal pace, but I already feel my legs are getting harder. After I ran 4 kilometers, I stopped because I can't resist the pain I feel on my legs. I stretched it and after a minute I continue running.

Gun time: 2:24 but my Chip Time is 2:14

Got my Finisher Medal

I had a lot of stops because my legs are shaking, I had side stitches and even hurt burn. But in all of the sudden I still finished the race in 2 hours and 10 minutes. This was my longest 21km run so far. Hope I could do better on RU2. :)

Run United 1 2015 Finisher Shirt (Front)

Run United 1 2015 Finisher Shirt (Back)

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