Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hiking Adventures #9: Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan Twin Dayhike

After my last 2 rainy overnight climbs this year, I told myself to take a day trip only on my next adventure. I wanted to see the Sun above while hiking up so I can see clearly the beauty of nature. So I searched a mountain near Manila and came up on choosing not only one but two mountains in Rizal, the Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan.

Mt. Pamitinan (L) and Mt. Binacayan (R)

The original plan was to climb the Lioness and Rhino Rock Formation in Norzagaray, Bulacan. But there are issues on the ownership and then it was suddenly closed, so we have to change plans. However, Mts. Pamitinan and Binacayan also offered rock climbing activities. The upper part of the trail in Pamitinan and Binacayan are mostly rock climbing.

Going to Mts. Pamitinan and Binacayan

We met up in Mcdonalds in Cubao along Aurora Blvd, and we're only 7 in the group. We left at around 5:45am and rode on a Public Utility Van going to Rodriguez, Rizal. We actually rented the van so we don't have to wait for other passengers and we can leave immediately. The agreement was to pay P600 and the driver will drop us in Brgy. Wawa which is already the jump-off. It was faster than the usual travel so I suggest to rent a PUV (even though the route is not going to Rodriguez, Rizal) if the group consist of 7 - 9 members. 

DENR Station at Brgy. Wawa

We arrived at around 7:00am in Brgy. Wawa and proceeded to DENR station to register. We payed P2.00 per hiker as entrance fee. Yes, P2.00 only! and I thought we have to pay P300 as environmental fee but I don't know why they didn't charged us. Before we actually arrived at the jump-off, we already have a guide. Because Pluto initially contacted the guide while we're on our way. So I think it's a good thing to secure a guide while heading here.

Group Shot before to start the trekking

The Blogger with his close buddy Ish Cruz

Mt. Pamitinan


We started to trek after 30 minutes. The guides were suggesting to start with Mt. Binacayan because it is harder than Mt. Pamitinan. However, I decided to hike Mt. Pamitinan first before Mt. Binacayan since there are newbies and first timers on the group, and at least they can have a choice to continue scaling Mt. Binacayan. The initial part of the trail is a hanging bridge that crossed Wawa River. The latter part of the trail is well-established but more on assaults.

Hanging Bridge crossing Wawa River

Initial parts of the Trail
Pluto and April with Kuya Ronie at the Trail
The view at the halfway part of the trail

When we reached a little rest station along the trail, it is the start of our engagement with sharpy hard limestones. It's really important to wear gloves while hiking up with those stones. Also, it can protect your hands from tiny bamboo thorns. This adventure got more exciting when we do rock climbing literally at some part of the trail.

This is one of the sharpy Limestones
Rock Climbing along the Trail

The blogger facing this soon-to-open Mountain
We have reached the Peak 1 after 2 hours, and we took some photos before we proceed on the summit. The way up to summit from the peak 1 took another 15 minutes trek. It is advisable to start descent at around 10:00am, so that you can arrived at the jump-off at exactly lunch time if ever the plan was to go for a twin hike.

View at the Peak 1 of Mt. Pamitinan

The View at the Summit of Mt. Pamitinan with Mt. Binacayan and Wawa River at the background

Mt. Binacayan


This time we're only 3 in the group who climbed Mt. Binacayan together with our guide. Some of the participants just stayed on Wawa Dam. We started the trek at around 11:30am after we had our lunch. We decided to ascent on the trail where it used to be for descent, in-short we've done a reverse-traverse on Binacayan. The trail is really harder than Mt. Pamitinan especially the trail that we used to ascent. There are parts of the trail which are 70 degrees assaults and we needed to use ropes. Fortunately, Kuya Ronie brought ropes. We took the whole ascent after almost 3 hours.

Group shot at a Little Cave along the trail while resting

Pluto Diaz standing on a limestone
Zaldy Santos wants a candid shot on a limestone
Limestones at Mt. Binacayan

The view from Mt. Binacayan was very scenic overlooking the Sierra Madre mountains and the Wawa river. The limestones are more sharper and more difficult to climb than Pamitinan. Both mountains has it's own beauty but, I really enjoyed hiking Mt. Binacayan. However, still better if you climb both mountains. :)

The Blogger at the Summit of Mt. Binacayan facing Mt. Pamitinan

The Blogger at the Summit of Mt. Binacayan with Wawa Dam at the background

Special Note: There is no water supply on the top, and I experienced water shortage. I just brought 1 liter of water that I consumed on Mt. Pamitinan and then I borrowed another 1 liter on my friend but still insufficient because of the extreme heat. I suggest to bring 3 liters of water if you are planning to go for twin hike.

This day trip was kinda extreme and exhausting since I've done a twin hike. However, this is the most worth-it daytrip I ever had with perfect weather and coolest buddies. The people in Brgy. Wawa are really nice especially the guides and the officials. Our guide told me to come back and climb the mountain (I forgot the name) that will soon to be open. Rizal is so much blessed with mountains. I hope they will protect all of it. I'm willing to join a campaign to stop quarrying in the mountains in Rizal and in other parts of the Philippines.

Reach the top! Aim high!

Before we went back home, we first took a rest in the most visited dam in the country, the Wawa Dam. :)

Chilling at Wawa Dam

Mt. Pamitinan(426+) and Mt. Binacayan(424+)
4/9(P) 5/9(B)
Rodriguez, Rizal
March 28, 2015

Note: Don't forget to wear gloves and wear shoes with thick sole.

09493956589 - Kuya Emman

Transportation: P150 - P200
Entrance Fee: P2.00
Guide: P400 is the minimum fee. Should consider to add if twin hike.
Cottage in Wawa Dam: P100


5:45 AM - Rent van going to Brgy. Wawa
7:00 AM - ETA Rodriguez, Rizal. Register at barangay hall /tourism office
7:30 AM - Start Trek to Mt. Pamitinan
9:30 AM - ETA Peak 1
9:45 AM - ETA Summit
10:00 AM - Start Descent
11:00 AM - ETA Jump-off. Lunch

11:30 AM - Start Trek to Mt. Binacayan
2:30 PM - ETA Summit
3:00 PM - Start Descent to Wawa Dam
4:30 PM - ETA Wawa Dam. Refresh and tidy up
5:30 PM - Back to Manila

In case you don't want to follow our itinerary since this was based on the actual events, I suggest to take the itinerary on


  1. hi sir :) we are planning to hike those two mountains on feb 8 since it is holiday.
    kailangan po ba maaga palang magstart na sa mt. pamitinan? mga 7am?ganun po?

    1. Hi Shin! Mas maaga mas okay. :) 7AM is very fine. I advice to climb Mt. Pamitinan first before Binacayan. Enjoy! :)

    2. Hi Shin, we'll also have our hike on the said date feb 8. See you. :) :)

    3. hi shin - can i join on feb 8, para may kahati ako sa guide?

  2. pwede po ba mag overnight? how much po yong guide sir? thanks

  3. hi sir..good day! would like to know if pwede po kaya tribu sandals lang suot then thick socks po? thank you in advance. for mt. binacayan hike po. :)

  4. hi sir..good day! would like to know if pwede po kaya tribu sandals lang suot then thick socks po? thank you in advance. for mt. binacayan hike po. :)

    1. Sorry for late response. Okay yan basta with socks :)Same with other mountains like Sipit Ulang and Hapunang Banoi.

  5. Hi sir may contact kayo sa van?

    1. Yes meron. Pero I suggest kung kukuha kayo ng van papuntang Montalban, magrent na lang kayo ng FX sa Cubao. Mas makakamura kayo. :)

  6. hi sir , meron po b kayong ma rerecommend na guide? thanks

  7. hi sir , meron po b kayong ma rerecommend na guide? thanks

    1. Hello. Meron sana pero DENR ang bahala magassign eh. Lahat naman ng guide sa Wawa are very accommodating and nice =)

  8. HI sir,

    Advisable ba for beginners ang mt.binacayan? :) thanks!

  9. HI sir,

    Advisable ba for beginners ang mt.binacayan? :) thanks!

    1. Yup! Medyo mainit lang sya lalo na't summer and mabato =)

  10. Hi sir tanong ko lng po kung may cr sa wawa dam? Thnks po

  11. Hi sir tanong ko lng po kung may cr sa wawa dam? Thnks po

  12. Hello Sir! Ask ko lng po saang area pwede mag overnight camping po doon? pwede po ba magdala sariling sasakyan?

    1. Ang alam ko pwede magdala. And pwede magovernight camp don pero sa baba.

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  14. 400 per person po ba pra sa guide?

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  16. ilan tao po sa isang group?

  17. Hi Sir, san po banda sa cubao yung sakayan ng van?

  18. Hi. Is the guide required for Pamitinan hike or you can go by yourself? Thanks:)