Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hiking Adventures #8: Mt. Pulag Climb 2015 - Sea of Fog and Bed of Mud

Last May 2014 when I first climbed the 2nd Highest Mountain in the Philippines, the Mt. Pulag. Our climb was really amazing. All were done accordingly though we failed to witness the Sea of Clouds. So we came back last Valentine's Day hoping to see the spectacular view, but we didn't expect that it could be one of the worst climbs of us.

Climbing Mt. Pulag

Mt. Pulag 2015
Sea of Fog and Bed of Mud at Mt. Pulag

What happened?  How do I say so? Continue.

The Long Ride

There are a lot of hindrances along our way to Baguio aside from we departed late. We were caught by a MMDA or LTO officers at GMA-Kamuning when we picked-up one of us. Officers said our van is 'colorum' but we're not. Our driver tried his best to negotiate but he still charged P1,000.

When we arrived at Baguio, we were shocked because there were a lot of hikers to climb Mt. Pulag. We saw a bus and we thought it was a passenger bus from Manila, but it was a rented bus. All of the people inside are going to hike Mt. Pulag.

Mt. Pulag 2015
Group Shot at the Jeep

Mt. Pulag 2015
(L-R) Cindy Ferrer, Kim Servida, Zaldy Santos, Edmund Milanes, Me

We traveled another 3 hours to DENR. Sir Edson my former boss had been suffered to dizziness. So we have to stop several times for him to vomit. Cindy, also felt dizzy so she had also vomited along the way. In order for hikers that are easy to get dizzy, they must take anti-nausea medicines. Before we proceed to the seminar, we decided to have our breakfast in Aling Gina's eatery. We also bought food for lunch before we start hiking.

Mt. Pulag 2015
Group Shot at the Balcony of DENR
Short Seminar at DENR

One of the Funniest Seminar I ever had. Kudos to Ms. DENR (I don't know the name)

Start trek

At the Ranger Station, it was a lovely day. The weather was fine and there was no signs that it would rain. We arranged all our things before get started. Since there are huge number of hikers on that day, we planned to have an advance party to secure a spot on the campsite. So Edmund, the Task Master and I were the chosen as the advance party.

Mt. Pulag 2015
Gear up!

Mt. Pulag 2015
The Crowd at Mt. Pulag Ranger Station

The advance party started to climb at around 1PM. It was my fastest yet miserable trek I've ever been. I trekked without having my lunch and we have to trek as fast as we can.  As I felt so bad because of hunger, I looked for some trek food and fortunately, Edmund has Knick Knacks that provided me so much relief. On the middle of our trek, its started to rain. Since it was only rainshowers, I refused to protect myself from rain but it was getting worst.

Mt. Pulag 2015
At The Trail
Mt Pulag
(L-R) Aldrin, Abbie and Ian

We arrived at the campsite after 2 hours. We immediately looked for spots as there were already hikers who have pitched their tents. When we secure a spot, we pitched the 3 tents we brought and allotted some space for remaining tents we have for the group.

The Coldest and Longest Night at Mt. Pulag

I really felt the coldness at Mt. Pulag at the time we reached the campsite as it was raining. We expected that it could be more colder at night and also when the rain will not stop. During our stay, I wasn't able to move properly. I changed clothes soaked by rain water and put my jacket on. My body was still chilling especially my bared hands that prevents me from moving it properly. My tent got drenched inside that made the situation more awful.

In order to survived, I transferred on other tent which is bigger than my tent. I let Zaldy stay night on my tent alone so he can used our protective stuff for the cold. We were 6 people inside the tent. I wasn't able to move properly not just because we didn't have enough space but also because of extreme cold.We just shared some stories and watch movie via phone while waiting the sunrise.

Mt. Pulag
(L-R) Cindy, Ian, Ish, Edmund, Aldrin and Abbie
The next morning, we have decided to pack up and leave. That was a long cold night for us, worst night ever. However, that awful situations we've been through are all charged to our experience. Now I know how to prepare for my next climb in Mt. Pulag. Yes! You read that right, I'm going back to Mt. Pulag after all of the sudden. The journey of climbing Pulag is the best ever irregardless of what we will see on the top or what will be the weather condition. Because, like I always say, "It's no about the views, it's all about the journey". But I am still hoping for Sea of Clouds next climb! :D

I think we shouldn't underestimate Mt. Pulag. We have to prepare physically and mentally. Bring important gears especially for cold. Lastly, respect the mountain at all times.

(L-R) Edson, Romalyn, Hanna, Jam

The Twin Sisters, Abbie and Ish

The blogger ready for descent

Photos by: 
Aldrin Valentona
Abbie Giron
Hanna Francisco


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