Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fitness: How I lose weight in Running

It's so alarming that I'm gaining so much weight when I started to work. I was so focus on my work since it was my first time. I ate a lot every time I got home then sleep after.  The only thing I know is to eat, code and sleep, and that's the reason why I'd gained weight so much. Every time I went back to my hometown in San Jose, Batangas, they are telling me "Ui. Ang taba mo ah" (hey, you've gained weight), "Ui..Nananaba ka ah" (hey, you're gaining weight). I was not very fat that time, but I'm really fat. I face got rounded and the size of my shirt became large. Some of my clothes became tight and I had no choice to buy new shirts. Damn!! What the hell happened to me?

Me before I started running (the girl beside me is Ms. Sel Guevarra)

My father who eventually became my beer buddy told me "Kenneth, and taba mo" (Kenneth, you're so fat). That was so annoying to hear coming from my father so I decided to take some action.

I had to choose between running or working out in the gym. Since on gym, I have to pay every month, so I chose running as my workout. I've asked my officemate Ian Salavante, a experienced runner for almost 3 years and my hiking buddy Edmund Milanes on how will I lose weight on running.

Here are the advices they given to me:

1. Run regularly. Be consistent
2. Cut down carbs intake.
3. Take a rest.
4. Do some core exercises

I searched more tips on how to lose weight. And these are the tips that I took the most.

1. Eat low-calorie food.
2. After run, eat fruits or vegetables that are rich in fiber.
3. Do some core exercises after every runs.
4. Be consistent.

I do believe that consistency is the number 1 key to lose weight. I must be consistent on what I am doing.

I started running in Ayala Triangle with my teammate Ralph Sison. We usually run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I followed all the tips I gathered before I get started. I was so consistent on my routine even though Ralph wasn't able to join me. There was series of walk breaks every runs but I got surprised when I ran non-stop 5 laps along Ayala Triangle. The outer lane of Ayala Triangle has 1.2 kilometers, so I ran 6 kilometers non-stop for the first time. I was so happy that time though I'm so tired but liking the burning sensation. The next runs, I tried to exceed myself by earning more mileage, and I did it. My personal best in Ayala Triangle was 10 laps (12 kilometers).

When I got home after run, I had my dinner without rice. I cut down rice every meal especially on dinner. Why? Because I don't need more carbs because I am going to sleep. That's the only method that I did to lose weight. When I wanted to eat a lot, I just remember my goal and why I have to do this. 

After a few months, some of my officemates told me, "Ui.. pumapayat ka na" (Hey, you're losing weight), "Ken, pumapayat ka na" (Ken, you're losing weight). I was like, wow! is this the reward on all I've done? GREEEEATTTTT!!!! I got a feeling that this was a great start for me. I continued what I'm doing until it became my hobby, or I should I say my lifestyle. I was never expecting that I could lose weight because it's really hard on the first part, and I never knew that I'm going to be consistent. 

The difference
From now on, I was still running. I have joined some races and I already completed 2 half marathons. I really love running. Running is my stress reliever and my gift from God. I hope the readers of this blog post will try what I did if they want to lose weight or be healthy either. Before I end this, I want to share another tip. It's better if you will not monitor your weight everyday or every month. It will make you desperate. As a result, you will became inactive on what you are doing because nothing has changed. I suggest, wait for the people around you to notice the changes on you. Just focus on what you are doing, embrace your workout and be CONSISTENT, because consistency is the key

Happy running everyone!

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