Thursday, August 20, 2015

Date with the Boss - A Group Date at Alphaland City Club

On the night of January 23, Philweb celebrates it's 15th Anniversary held at The Tents, Alphaland Southgate Tower, Makati. We have this event called Casino Night where there will be a Slots Tournament. I'm not really into gambling but it will be a good chance to test my luck. So I joined  in. Without expectation, I became the Champion of the tournament with the balance of 6,000 plus. I won because of Random Jackpot and Free Games. Since I've got the highest balance among others, I took the opportunity to join the auction for Date with the Boss. I bid for Ms. Ancha Reyes, Senior Manager of Casino Training, and I've won.

Date with the Boss

The Date with the Boss happened last Thursday, 29th of January at City Club, Makati Place. It was a group date instead of date for two. Along with Ma'am Ancha and I were Sir Dennis Valdes, President of Philweb, Sir Brian Ng, SVP for Casino and Ma'am Mona Navarro, VP for IT with their respective partners. It was office hours so I have to stop working and enjoy the moment. :)

There are a lot of restaurants inside City Club such as, Toscana, Sakura, Mark's Prime Rib and Costa del Sol, etc. We have chosen Mark's Prime Rib because most of us wants steaks. And that was my first time to enter on an elegant restaurant.

Ms. Ancha Reyes and I

My date, Ms. Ancha has been working in Philweb for the last 6 years. She is really popular on the organization and one of the reason why she won the survey for this date. Honestly, I was really shy when it comes to her because of her looks, I mean her ambiance. It intimidates me. So my friends asking me "Bakit ka nag-bid?". I just told them that it is a chance to win a new friend and be comfortable with a boss. I invited her to join on our group's future hiking adventures, but she refused because she is not really into outdoors. She loves to go in beaches.

DOV and BKN with their partner Ms. Weng and Ms. Paula

I had the chance to catch up with Philweb executives. They were so cool and I didn't expect that. I thought they're very strict. I softly asked Sir BKN if he is still active in triathlon, and he was. Sir DOV then asked me if I'm a runner, what's my category, etc., and I answer immediately. I told him that I used to follow her wife, the columnist and socialite Ma'am Tessa Prieto-Valdes on Instagram because she's also a runner like me and an endorser of Saucony. In my entire stay in Philweb, I didn't expect that I could have a conversation with the President.

As I told them that I'm a runner, Sir BKN taught me how to buy running shoes at low cost. He told me to visit and look for some pair of shoes. After buying online, ship it via Johnny Air and pay for shipping fee. The shipping fee depends on the weight and dimensions of the purchased item. According to Sir BKN, you have to wait at least 1 - 2 weeks before the item to arrive. The total cost can be almost half of regular prices here in the Philippines. Later, Sir DOV shared his story too. I was so glad to know that even though they can afford to buy stuffs at regular price, they will choose to wait rather than to buy instantly. It inspires me to be more practical while I'm still young because I believe it's a key for future triumphs. I should take extra practice on how to wait for the right time. Though, I was trained waiting for the right one. LOL! #whogoat.

Group Shot at City Club Hallway
Group Shot at City Club Hallway

We had a quick tour on City Club. Sir DOV lead us to some amenities like the gym, basketball court, swimming pools, spa, etc. The place is astonishing though there were few people inside. I wish I could have a share for me to use the facilities.

This event is indeed great. Thank you for reading.

Photos by: 
Darwin Cabiling

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