Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hiking Adventures #13: Mt. Maculot Climb 2015 - Sunny dayhike to Awesome Rockies

The last time I climbed Mt. Maculot Rockies is 9 months ago. It's a good climb though the weather was not good and the view was not that scenic. So in preparation for Mt. Ugo climb this coming August 2015, we went back in Mt. Maculot Rockies hoping for a good weather.

Mt. Maculot Rockies
Mt. Maculot Rockies

Friday, August 21, 2015

Color Manila Nite Run 2

Color Manila Nite Run

Color Manila Run is the most colorful and most popular non-race running event in the Philippines. This event aims to enjoy running without any pressure, just enjoy and have fun. Since it's a non-race, Color Manila Run is a great running event for beginners.

Tree Planting Activity at Mt. Cristobal/Banahaw with Haribon Foundation

Philweb Corporation conducted a tree planting once again as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Haribon Foundation, the Philweb's partner for this activity is so thankful for Philweb's initiative towards their ROAD (Rainforest Organizations and Advocates) to 2020 Movement.

Philweb Tree Planting Activity 2015
Philweb Tree Planting Activity 2015

Hiking Adventures #12: Tarak Ridge - My spontaneous first major climb

I have climbed 11 mountains already since I started hiking. All of those were minor climbs only. Eventually, I've got an urge to try a major climb. I asked my mountain buddy, Pluto, to set a climb for the upcoming long weekend and I told him that I want a major. We've got a lot of choices then we went on choosing Tarak Ridge in Mariveles, Bataan and my first major climb begins.

Tarak Ridge
Tarak Ridge

Hiking Adventures #11: Mt. Romelo - A dayhike with a dip on Old Buruwisan and Lanzones Falls

One of the best mountains to climb during summer season is Mt. Romelo. Why? Because of its trails that are mostly covered by trees and of course, the nearby seven majestic waterfalls. That's the reason why we have chosen Mt. Romelo for our next adventure.

Mt. Romelo
Mt. Romelo

Mt. Romelo is good to hike for all year-round. But on our experience, I think it is perfect during summer because of the rewarding coolness of the falls under the scorching weather. I always love to trek on a trail like in Mt. Romelo because of the trees around. It is very relaxing, scenic and peaceful, if you want to get connected with nature, you must be looking for a place like Mt. Romelo.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sidetrip: Bunga Falls in Nagcarlan, Laguna

After our successful climb in Mt. Kalisungan in Calauan, Laguna, we headed to the nearby falls called Bunga Falls.

Bunga Falls
Bunga Falls

Hiking Adventures #10: Mt. Kalisungan Dayhike

I was planning for another dayhike after our successful twin hike in Mt Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan last March 28. I looked for a mountain near Manila and came up on choosing Mt. Kalisungan in Calauan, Laguna.

Mt. Kalisungan

Run United Trilogy 2015 - First Leg of RU

One of my goals this 2015 is to finish a progressive Run United Trilogy. It starts with 21km run at the first leg, next is 32km and the last is the full marathon, 42km. This is a big challenge for me as a runner since I am going to exceed on distance. However, as an aspiring runner, I have to level up every step of the way and Run United Trilogy is the best way to make that happen. So I joined in for the first leg of RU1.

Running: Run United Philippine Marathon (RUPM) 2014 - A Strong Half-Marathon Finish

I really enjoy long runs that builds my endurance and make me more stronger. I changed my training routines for this event to see what effect would it bring to my performance. I added a lot of core exercises including push ups and planking because my target was to finish strong regardless of time.

Run United Philippine Marathon

Hiking Adventures #9: Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan Twin Dayhike

After my last 2 rainy overnight climbs this year, I told myself to take a day trip only on my next adventure. I wanted to see the Sun above while hiking up so I can see clearly the beauty of nature. So I searched a mountain near Manila and came up on choosing not only one but two mountains in Rizal, the Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan.

Mt. Pamitinan (L) and Mt. Binacayan (R)

Hiking Adventures #8: Mt. Pulag Climb 2015 - Sea of Fog and Bed of Mud

Last May 2014 when I first climbed the 2nd Highest Mountain in the Philippines, the Mt. Pulag. Our climb was really amazing. All were done accordingly though we failed to witness the Sea of Clouds. So we came back last Valentine's Day hoping to see the spectacular view, but we didn't expect that it could be one of the worst climbs of us.

Climbing Mt. Pulag

Hiking Adventures #7: Mt. Daraitan Climb Traversed to Tinipak River

As long weekend is approaching due to Pope Francis' visit in the Philippines, I convinced my hiking buddies to grab the chance to go hiking again. And the first mountain that comes through my mind was Mt. Daraitan.

Mt. Daraitan
Mt. Daraitan
Mt. Daraitan is located at Tanay, Rizal and it's part of the Sierra Madre mountain range. Daraitan came from the name of the Barangay where the mountain is located. The height of the mountain is 739+ meters above sea level with 4/9 difficulty according to PinoyMountaineer.com but for us it was 5/9. Mt. Daraitan is famous by it's view of meandering Daraitan river as seen from the summit. Also, there's a possible traverse to Quezon Province's Tinipak River. There can be also a sea of clouds if the weather is on good condition.

Date with the Boss - A Group Date at Alphaland City Club

On the night of January 23, Philweb celebrates it's 15th Anniversary held at The Tents, Alphaland Southgate Tower, Makati. We have this event called Casino Night where there will be a Slots Tournament. I'm not really into gambling but it will be a good chance to test my luck. So I joined  in. Without expectation, I became the Champion of the tournament with the balance of 6,000 plus. I won because of Random Jackpot and Free Games. Since I've got the highest balance among others, I took the opportunity to join the auction for Date with the Boss. I bid for Ms. Ancha Reyes, Senior Manager of Casino Training, and I've won.

Date with the Boss

The Date with the Boss happened last Thursday, 29th of January at City Club, Makati Place. It was a group date instead of date for two. Along with Ma'am Ancha and I were Sir Dennis Valdes, President of Philweb, Sir Brian Ng, SVP for Casino and Ma'am Mona Navarro, VP for IT with their respective partners. It was office hours so I have to stop working and enjoy the moment. :)

There are a lot of restaurants inside City Club such as, Toscana, Sakura, Mark's Prime Rib and Costa del Sol, etc. We have chosen Mark's Prime Rib because most of us wants steaks. And that was my first time to enter on an elegant restaurant.

Hiking Adventures #6: Mt. Batulao - A Day Trip with 12 Peaks

I've seen a lot of my friends (who were not really into hiking) were already conquered Mt. Batulao. I already scaled Mt. Pulag and other dayhikable mountains like Mt. Maculot, but I haven't tried Mt. Batulao yet. But finally, my hiking buddies decided to have a day trip in one of the famous mountains in Luzon. 

Mt. Batulao
Mt. Batulao

It was around 4am when we departed from Manila heading to Nasugbu, Batangas. The ride took at least 3 hours and no traffic along since it was early morning. Few kilometers left away, I couldn't stop myself finding a view of the mountain, it was really stunning from afar. The weather was really cool when we arrived at the jump-off. Cool winds are blowing my skin and the sun is not yet rising, and made me feel the season of Christmas.

Philweb Tree Planting Activity at Buhay Punlaan

They say, "Nature doesn't need people, and people need nature", and I believe that was indeed right. As humans we need nature, and we have to protect it to make the world a better place. My hiking activities made me closer to nature's heart that's the reason why I want to support the advocacy of some organizations to protect and save the mother nature.

Philweb Tree Planting, Haribon Foundation
Philweb OSMA Employees

Hiking Adventures #5: Mt. Tibig Exploration- The Breezy Experience at the Top

Before our day hike to Mt. Maculot, we already planned a climb as requested by Irish Cruz, my former officemate with her bestfriend, Alyssa Dedell. We looked for a mountain where they can hike easily but with stunning views as well, and then we arrived on choosing Mt. Tibig.

Mt. Tibig

Hiking Adventures #4: Mt. Maculot - Dayhike to Awesome Rockies

A week after our Mt. Gulugod Baboy adventure, I was invited by Sir Aldrin Valentona to take a day hike in Mt. Maculot as requested by Abbie Giron. Abbie wasn't able to join the last climb. So I joined in for Abbie, and this would be my 4th time in Mt. Maculot.

at Mt. Maculot Rockies
at Mt. Maculot Rockies
Mt. Maculot is located at Cuenca, Batangas. There are thousands of hikers and ordinary people had already scaled the mountain. Every holy week, many people climb to Mt. Maculot to visit the Grotto for repentance. I had visited the Grotto for 3 times already way back high school. The mountain is located near in my hometown that's why it's easy for me to come and visit. Aside from Grotto, there is another spot in Mt. Maculot that attracts many people, the Rockies

Running: Sofitel Manila Half Marathon 2014

Sofitel Manila Half Marathon 2014 was the painful 21km run for me. I had side stitches in the middle of the run and my legs are screaming. I was worried for my calves because it seems like it would cramped anytime. But still, I finished my 2nd half marathon though I had many series of walks on the remaining 5 kilometers of the race. 

To the Beach: Oscar Island - The Island Hopping Experience

After our perfect adventure at Mt. Gulugod Baboy, we hopped to an island as our side trip, the Oscar Island. This was my first Mountain to Beach experience that's why I encouraged my fellow hikers to have a side trip in this island.

Oscar Island
Oscar Island

Hiking Adventures #3: Mt. Gulugod Baboy - Perfect Climb for First Timers

It was almost 2 months ago since our last climb, that's why I can't hide my excitement on this next adventure. We planned this for the last climb of Edmund Milanes as Philweb employee. We chose a mountain where we can just chill at night to celebrate Edmund's farewell. The original plan was to climb Mt. Tibig, but staying overnight at the top was temporarily prohibited. So we shifted to Mt. Gulugod Baboy (pig spine).

Mt. Gulugod Baboy
Mt. Gulugod Baboy 

Fitness: How I lose weight in Running

It's so alarming that I'm gaining so much weight when I started to work. I was so focus on my work since it was my first time. I ate a lot every time I got home then sleep after.  The only thing I know is to eat, code and sleep, and that's the reason why I'd gained weight so much. Every time I went back to my hometown in San Jose, Batangas, they are telling me "Ui. Ang taba mo ah" (hey, you've gained weight), "Ui..Nananaba ka ah" (hey, you're gaining weight). I was not very fat that time, but I'm really fat. I face got rounded and the size of my shirt became large. Some of my clothes became tight and I had no choice to buy new shirts. Damn!! What the hell happened to me?

Me before I started running (the girl beside me is Ms. Sel Guevarra)

World Vision Run 2014 - My First Half Marathon

Last April 2014, I was dreaming about joining on a major race for the first time, and I was thinking to run 10km distance. But first I should check out what running event should I participate. So I visited pinoyfitness.com where there are list of sporting events like running, biking, etc. I went to the running section and I chose World Vision Run 2014. But I was surprised when I got a feeling that I can run the half marathon distance. On the registration booth, I wrote my name and other details, and select 21km as my chosen distance.

World Vision Run Singlet and Race Bib

Hiking Adventures #2: Pico De Loro Climb

Last July 2014, our One IT Group headed by Edmund Milanes planned to climb Pico De Loro in Maragondon, Cavite. It was my second climb together with the group and I was so excited to reach a mountain top again.

Me staring at Pico De Loro's peak

Hiking Adventures #1: Mt. Pulag, the Playground of the Gods

Mt. Pulag
Mt. Pulag

There are many mountains in the Philippines that are worth climbing for, especially those with breathtaking views. And the most popular in all of those is the Mt. Pulag, the Playground of the Gods. Mt. Pulag is the 3rd highest mountain (but is currently the official 2nd highest) in the Philippines and the Luzon's highest peak at 2,922 meters above sea level, located at Kabayan, Benguet.

How do I get there? Continue reading. :)